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In addition to our paid activities, visitors are welcome to stroll the grounds and enjoy many of the displays and exhibits in our park, such as bird and reptile exhibitexhibits, alligator pits, and African spur thighed tortoises.

Meet Liberty our resident Florida Panther she has the largest enclosure in South Florida.

Take a walk down our quarter mile boardwalk nature trail that goes deep into the swamp under the cypress domes. While on the boardwalk be sure to look for many of the large alligators that are residents here.

Visit the authentic Seminole village with native Seminole chickees and walk out to waters edge for a breathtaking view of the swamp behind the Swamp Water Cafe'. Here you can observe many species of birds and other Florida creatures in their natural setting.

Keep an eye out for “Mouse” our hand-raised resident deer who roams freely around the grounds of Billie Swamp Safari.