School Field Trips

Eductional groups, scouts, church groups and parties of 12 or more

Children 3 and under are not eligible to ride an airboat. All scheduled times are approximate. Inclement weather may affect tour/ride times. Sorry – NO pets allowed in park (PETS LEFT IN CAR WILL BE REMOVED AT OWNER’S EXPENSE) and no refunds.

We offer discounted rates for educational groups, scouts, church groups and parties of 14 or more (1 free chaperone per 10 kids).

The safari extends a special invitation to teachers and students (elementary, secondary, and upper levels) and all educational groups to take a field trip to Native Florida, and enjoy and exciting first-hand learning experience unlike any other. Special needs learners are also invited. The Safari offers rich tactile, visual, and aural educational settings.

Nature has provided us with a universal classroom here, and our goal is to provide you with the most harmonious educational enrichment program that you will find anywhere in Florida. Text books, slides, and film strips will never match the richness of a day or overnight adventure, watching the complex beauty of natural systems that coexist nowhere else on earth as they do in the Big Cypress. The brilliant red shouldered hawks that glide and dive across our morning sky are not computer generated, and our guides aren’t mechanical. They are all part of Native Florida.

It is no longer enough to tell our children that the ecology of Florida is unique. We have reached a point in human development where we must help them to identify their place in the natural cycles and teach them to respect the fragile balance that humans alone can destroy.

A visit to the Safari affords you the opportunity to inter-relate a maximum number of subjects in a setting highly conductive to learning. If your objective is to incorporate a curriculum resource with which your students can identify rapidly, and to maximize retention in a multi-disciplinary setting, Safari staff will be happy to work with you to arrange a program that fits your needs. The following Sunshine State Standard Benchmarks for Education can be achieved by visiting our park.

Please contact us for detailed information about our Group and Educational Packages. 800-GO-SAFARI, [email protected].

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Events and Festivals

Big Cypress Shootout, 2nd Seminole War Reenactment – March 13-15, 2015 (Step back in time to the 1830’s and see time period craftsmen, and battle reenactment between US Soldiers and the Seminoles Indians)

Partners in Education

We offer students with improved grades a Free Critter Show (and one guardian). Must bring report card and not valid for school field trips. We are approved from the Broward and Collier County School Board as “Partners in Education”.

Free Visit for Educators

We know you are going to love it here, to prove it we are offering Free Swamp Safari Day passes for three teachers or administration from each school July, participants must RSVP and have valid School ID.

We hope that you will include us in your curriculum calendar and we can become partners in education.

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Grade 3:

Big Idea 14: Organization & Development of Living Organisms, A. All plants and animals, including humans, are alike in some ways and different in others. B. All plants and animals, including humans, have internal parts and external structures that function to keep them alive and help them grow and reproduce. C. Humans can better understand the natural world through careful observation. sc.3.l.14.1 , sc.3.l.14.2.

Big Idea 15: Diversity & Evolution of Living Organisms, A. Earth is a home to a great diversity of living things, but changes in the environment can effect their survival. B. Individuals of the same kind often sc.3.l.15.1, sc.3.l.15.2.

Grade 4:

Big Idea 16:heredity & reproduction, sc.4.l.16.1, sc.4.l.16.2, sc.4.l.16.3, sc.4.l.16.4. 17:interdependence, sc.4.l.17.1, sc.4.l.17.2, sc.4.l.17.3, sc.4.l.17.4.

Grade 5:

Big Idea 14:organization & development of living organisms, sc.5.l.14.1, sc.5.l.14.2. 15:diversity & evolution of living organisms, sc.5.l.15.1. 17:interdependence, sc.5.l.17.1.

Grade 7:

17:interdependence, sc.7.l.17.1, sc.7.l.17.2, sc.7.l.17.3.

Please contact us for detailed information about our Group and Educational Packages. 800-GO-SAFARI, [email protected]

Partners in Education

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