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School’s Open! – The Best Florida Everglades Field Trip Awaits

Join us for your next school field trip in the wonderous and exciting Florida Everglades. For this purpose, Billie Swamp Safari offers discounted rates for educational groups, scouts, church groups and parties of 14 or more (1 free chaperone per 10 kids).

We also extend a special invitation to teachers and students (elementary, secondary, and upper levels) and all educational groups to take a field trip to the untamed Florida Everglades, and enjoy an exciting learning experience unlike any other. In addition, special needs learners are also invited. In fact, our Everglades field trip offers rich tactile, visual, and aural educational settings.

We are fortunate to have a natural universal classroom called the Florida Everglades.  At the same time, we want provide you with a most educational enrichment program found anywhere in Florida. Likewise, text books, slides, and film strips will never match the richness of a day or overnight adventure at Billie Swamp Safari. Likewise, groups can witness the complex beauty of natural systems that coexist nowhere else on earth. For example, the brilliant red shouldered hawks that glide and dive across our morning sky are not computer generated, and our guides aren’t robots reading a script. In fact, they are all native Floridians (many of them Seminole).

Why Choose the Everglades for a School Field Trip?

The Florida Everglades are a captivating and unspoiled resource that we have the privilege of experiencing in our efforts to educate our children. For example, the plant life in this wilderness include thousands of different varieties of plants, over 15 different types of birds, and hundreds of other species to learn from. At the same time, the Everglades ecosystem is a wonderful tool for teaching, and it’s all centrally located in South Florida!

Like many natural environments, the Everglades have been under assault by humans for some time now. Specifically, development and human progress have shrunk the Everglades down to a fraction of their original size. While a large part of the ecosystem is protected, work must be done to preserve this wetland for future generations. At Billie Swamp Safari, we know that the best way to do this is by educating kids about the important part the Florida Everglades play in our everyday lives.

An Educational Experience That Extends Classroom Learning

A field trip to Billie Swamp Safari is an opportunity to inter-relate a maximum number of subjects in a highly conducive setting to learning. Well beyond thrilling Everglades airboat rides and swamp buggy tours, we understand your objective is to incorporate a curriculum resource in a multi-disciplinary setting. As such, our Everglades staff will develop a field trip program for your school. In fact, the following Sunshine State Standard Benchmarks for Education can be achieved by visiting our park.

Please contact us for detailed information about our Group and Educational Packages. 800-GO-SAFARI, [email protected].

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